Black Rat Projects was initiated in 2007, and for six years was located in a converted railway arch in Shoreditch. East London, innit.

Since this time Black Rat Projects and Press have been supporting and developing the careers of both UK and international artists whose media and techniques are in many ways traditional, yet whose practices are fused with a contemporary interventionist spirit. Black Rat has for many years been a central force in the transition of urban art from the streets (we're so street) to inside the gallery space, and our editions can be found in collections worldwide including the Victoria and Albert Museum and The Tate Modern in the UK.

Black Rat's directors, Danae Prassides and Tiffany Newton are electrified to herald Black Rat 2.0 into the second phase of its slow burning world domination from our new Soho gallery space on Bateman Street. As we've grown and changed over the years with our artists, Black Rat continues to celebrate projects and artists that work and explore the territories outside of traditional art world processes.

Remember, there are no stupid questions (only stupid haircuts), so please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Photo Credit: Natasa Leoni