Janet Brown

Goldsmiths graduate Janet Brown returned to painting in 2007, having previously worked with photography and collage.

Brown’s role as a CCTV librarian for the Met Police sparked a new direction in her work. Viewing footage in a dimly lit office with barred windows, she longed for open spaces and sought escapism from her working environment.

The process of painting became her solution, she began by painting elements from nature but it was not long before aspects of her working life infiltrated the images; depicting worlds gone awry.

Janet’s practice also takes inspiration from storytelling, the shock tactic reporting of the media and her own daydreams.  The most recent works titled 'The Orphans' came into fruition from her continued interest in the relationship between humankind and the animal world. In studying mythological stories such as Romulus and Remus, fairy tales and media reports of children being ‘reared’ by animals, the paintings highlight trust, vulnerability, loss and companionship.

Janet Brown’s his first exhibition with Black Rat Projects titled ‘The Fuse Is Lit’ will take place in April 2015.