Butch Anthony

Adios Amigos


Embroidery and Oil on Canvas

24 x 18''


£ 1,500.00

Butch Anthony is an artist not easily defined, who collects bizarre objects and transforms them into strangely beautiful art for one of America’s favorite roadside attractions, his “Museum of Wonder.” His hand-built home was featured in the NY Times, and is built from stones and the timber of an old cotton mill, elegantly decorated with Anthony's own artworks.

At fourteen he was building birdhouses and stuffing his own taxidermy. His first building, a little log cabin on his grandfather’s farm, would eventually became his shop.

Butch resides on his 80-acre family property, a folk-art compound in Seale Alabama, where his artistic career began after his long time friend John Henry Toney dug up a turnip with a human likeness.  After a drawing of the turnip fetched $50 in a friends junk shop, Butch also began his artistic career.   Butch's  artistic spirit sees him apply his talents to a number of different modes and mediums, and he calls his specific genre of work “intertwangelism” - an ism of his own creation.

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