Giles Walker

Bird Skull and rRsin in Bamboo Bird Cage



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Giles Walker is a scrap artist who has been transforming the industrial waste of contemporary society into fully functional robotic systems for over 20 years.

A member of the prolific guerilla-art group THE MUTOID WASTE COMPANY, his kinetic robots affirm the value of creative intervention into throw-away capitalist culture and coherently reflect on the surveillance practices that mark our time, the complexity of current technologically mediated social relations and the ever dissolving boundary that separates man from machine.

His work has been exhibited across the world, touring in Europe, Japan, Australia, Russia and Ukraine and was featured at the UK’s first Kinetica Art Fair in 2009.

Previously his two cyborg pole dancers, a work entitled Peepshow, drew a sinister link between surveillance systems and voyeurism, were included in the V & A exhibition “Decode- Digital Design Sensations”, which showcased a selection of the foremost contemporary artists working in the field of digital and interactive design. Last year Giles exhibited "The Last Supper" an installation piece 1 year in the making that was then exhibited in LA and continues its tour in Europe and the UK with a six month stint due in 2016 at The Science Museum in London.

In November of 2013 Giles Walker and Candice Tripp created a truly collaborative exhibition; "I'm Never Shopping Here Again" used 2D, 3D and kinetic elements as the two artists delved into our struggle to explore ourselves, and what we have collectively become under the omnipresent societal systems of religion and commodity driven capitalism. Giles explains:

A long time ago, I had a job in a paint shop.

I was paid below the minimum wage and wore an overall ʻcoatʼ with pens sticking out the top pocket.

Every now and then, a customer would be dissatisfied with my ʻserviceʼ or not like my attitude.

They would storm out saying :


And you know what? I didnʼt give a flying fuck.

Why would I?

Click on this link to see "The Last Supper" in action at Black Rat Projects:

Click on this link to see "I'm Never Shopping Here Again" at Black Rat Projects: