Exhibition Opening This Week

"A long time ago, I had a job in a paint shop.  I was paid below the minimum wage and wore an overall 'coat' with pens sticking out the top pocket.  Every now and then, a customer would be dissatisfied with my 'service' or not like my attitude.  They would storm out saying :




And you know what? I didn't give a flying fuck.

Why would I?"


We've been waiting for this week to come for quite some time,

Candice Tripp and Giles Walker's long awaited collaborative exhibition "I'm Never Shopping Here Again" is just about upon us.

Opening to the public this Saturday November 30th, this is a show not to be missed, a truly immersive experience into the minds of two brilliant artists.   We've brought the exhibition to an incredible space in Waterloo - Black Rat does love a good old converted railway arch . . .

Featuring new original paintings, sculpture and some crazy amazing kinetic installation by both Candice and Giles - these two artists explore the transition as the victim becomes the perpetrator and vice versa.  They highlight that nobody is exempt from responsibility, and expose a certain futility in assessing right or wrong, good or bad, black or white. 

If you'd like a preview of the work for sale in the show, have a click away HERE.

We will be also releasing a very limited edition print that Candice and Giles have collaborated on.  Details coming next week. 

We've been overwhelmed with the response to this exhibition and are beyond fully booked up for the evening private view as the venue of this show has quite a strict capacity.

Please join us in Waterloo on Saturday November 30th when the show opens to the public,

Drop us a line for visiting or sales inquiries:

"I'm Never Shopping Here Again"
Open to the public 30th November - 12th December
Monday - Saturday: 12 - 6pm, Sunday: 12 - 4pm
137 - 139 Lower Marsh Street

Trust us, you don't want to miss this one - you won't have ever seen anything like this before. 

X Tiffany and Danae