I'm Never Shopping Here Again - Book Your Place

I'm Never Shopping Here Again - Book Your Place


The moment has come, the lines are open… 

“I’m Never Shopping Here Again”

Candice Tripp and Giles Walker’s long awaited show will open with two private view nights on Thursday November 28th and Friday 29th.

This is a free event but due to venue capacity, we will be taking bookings for the opening nights and you can book your place by following this link ( or through our homepage, please make sure all guest names are written in full.

This is a true collaboration between two of our favourite artists and a show which we have been excited about all year. This exhibition has thrown both of these artists well out of their comfort zones and enabled them to work in different mediums and dimensions, offering even their most avid fans a brand new experience.


More teasers and information for you soon, but in the meantime…Book. Your. Place.


Best wishes

Tiffany, Danae, Giles and Candice