October Goodness

October Goodness

Happy Frieze week, we hope you’ve had your fill of all the London art world has to offer this week.

We’re excited to finally announce the exhibition date for Candice Tripp and Giles Walker’s upcoming show, a year in the making and a true collaboration between two of our favourite artists.  “I'm Never Shopping Here Again” opens November 30th, and we’re bringing this exciting exhibition to a new space in Waterloo – more details to be announced in the coming month. 

We will be taking part in an arts club evening at Gallery 223, the location of Giles and Candice’s upcoming show, an evening featuring art, performance and live music on October 25th, please let us know if you’d like to join us.

We loved having Swoon over in London for a recent visit, and you can find some of her ethereal pieces pasted up around the city.  New works from her NYC studio have arrived, drop us a line for details on these works.

Two years ago New Orleans Airlift and the  Swoon launched the Kickstarter campaign that funded The Music Box, their prototype for an ongoing musical architecture project called Dithyrambalina.

The collective transformed a blighted 150-year-old house into a temporary village of playable musical houses with interactive instruments embedded into the walls, floors and ceilings of structures. The Music Box welcomed over 15,000 visitors for days of interactive public exploration and nights of ground-breaking concerts, as well as over 500 students for engaging workshops. The New York Times, NPR, BBC World Service, Smithsonian Magazine, Times Picayune, ArtNet, and more reported on the magic of this project.

Please see the following link to help support this worthwhile project:

Your funding will go towards the creation of the first five musical structures that will become part of Dithyrambalina’s growing musical village - including materials and fees for our artists and collaborating partners. The new musical houses will begin making public appearances in May of 2014 while the goal of this Kickstarter campaign will be met when all five of these structures are built by Fall of 2014.

One of our favourite street artists, Banksy, has been hard at work state side, as he is hosting a one month exhibit, with the streets of NYC acting as his gallery.

Read more about his actions here:

We have a fresh crop of Banksy prints in the gallery, drop us a line for sales enquiries at


Best wishes,

Tiffany and Danae.