The Fuse Is Lit

The Fuse Is Lit

Black Rat Projects is pleased to announce a new multidisciplinary exhibition by painter Janet Brown and sculptor Simon Shepherd.   The Fuse Is Lit presents new work by Brown and Shepherd that further the mantle of the Surrealists in the transformation of the ordinary into the extraordinary. 

Inherent in the work presented in the exhibition is the association of seemingly incidental elements, objects, characters and settings that open up new vistas of creativity.

Shepherd's sculptures play with elements of scale, dislocation and emphasis, making the relationship between these elements unexpected and invigorating.  More elegant than kitsch, the resulting body of work is an unpredictable vision of reality.

Brown's work is informed by her experience as a CCTV librarian for the police, and her feelings of repression and scenes from these experiences creep into her paintings.  By turns enchanted, capricious, enigmatic, fantastical, bizarre and sometimes monstrous, Browns paintings reveal a new graphic universe.

CLICK HERE to request a sales preview of available work. 

The Project Space will continue to show work by one of our favourite new up and coming artists, Lee Ellis.


Evening Private View 30th April 6-9 PM

The Fuse Is Lit runs from 30th April – 10th May
Open: Monday-Friday from 10:00-18:00

Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holiday Monday 12:00-17:00

Note: The exhibition will be closed on May 7th