The Museum of Curiosity Returns

The Museum of Curiosity Returns

The Museum of Curiosity will return to Black Rat Projects for three weeks from November 7th 2014.

In the style of a traditional Wunderkammer, Curiosities from The Hanbury Collection features amongst the exhibits: a gold plated hippo skull purported to have been owned by notorious cocaine trafficker Pablo Escobar, the jaw of a 70 foot long prehistoric shark, and the world's most intelligent computer.

As well as objects from natural history, technology, art and archaeology, there are some exhibits so unusual that they defy categorisation. This show is an immersive experience which confuses reality with fiction, and leaves the viewer unsure which unbelievable things are true, and which believable things are imaginary..

Entry to Curiosities from the Hanbury Collection is free.

Upon visiting, we strongly think you’ll agree that “Seeing the Hanbury Collection is like visiting the Natural History Museum whilst on psychotropic drugs.”

Black Rat has a number of exciting events and editions coming up as we move into the winter months, our very own Candice Tripp has been flexing her creative muscles in the Goldmark print Atelier recently, and we will have details on her next very limited edition print later this month.

Black Rat Projects will host a Private View of the Hanbury Collection on Friday 7th November from 6-9pm.

The Hanbury Collection will be available to view Monday to Saturday 11am-6pm until November 29th.

See you soon…

The BRP Girls.