Xmas Gift Guide! New Prints!

Xmas Gift Guide! New Prints!

So . . . . this is Christmas!  It has definitely snuck up on us this year, as we are wrapping up the sensational "I'm Never Shopping Here Again" by Candice Tripp and Giles Walker.

What a show - we couldn't be happier with this one if we tried . . . it's been called "fantastically creepy and darkly atmospheric", and  "a psychic brillo pad that scrubbed my brain clean of the blizzard of enforced cheeriness that pervades every damn thing out there in December."  Boom!

If you weren't able to make it down to Waterloo to experience this exhibition, have no fear we've got a VT (that stands for Video Tape) for your viewing enjoyment:

Now that we're wrapping up the exhibition, we're excited to officially announce the release of Candice and Giles' collaborative print, "They Say This One Will Be Different" a giclee print on 300 gsm somerset satin paper, which is 60 x 60 cm, and from a nice and tight edition of 50.  Drop us a line to snatch up your copy!

We've also put together a little Christmas gift giving guide for your shopping pleasure, all accessible without having to brave the bastards of Oxford Street!

Have a look here for new works by Candice Tripp, Giles Walker, Swoon, The Connor Brothers, Josh Cole and Butch Anthony.

Also just in time for the Christmas rush we're debuting the second hand finished print by Alabama's finest, Mr Butch Anthony.  Second in his series of intertwangleized iconic ladies of art history, we think Frida will fly out of here as quickly as the "Green Lady" did.  This take of Frida Khalo's iconic self portrait with monkey has shot straight to the top of our wish list - have a look!


We're open late tonight and tomorrow until 8 at 15 Bateman Street with the new work up for you - come by for a drink and have a sneak peek of the new works.

Drop us a line for any sales inquiries to , and have a delightful holiday season!

X Tiffany and Danae.